Jeti 3150

Seiko H-104S

ColorPainter H-104s achieves class-fastest printing speed of 50 smph (538 sfph)* with 8 colors and 100 smph (1,075 sfph)* with 4 colors while maintaining extremely high image quality and color density, and meets the requirements for professional quality outdoor graphics and high volume users.

Newly developed print head enables outstanding print speed of 100 smph

(1,075 sfph)* at draft mode (4-color print). The ColorPainter H-104s/H-74s is the best suited printer for large format banners and high volume printing in short turnaround times.

A new high speed multi-drop print head controls the amount of ink appropriate for the resolution of each print mode. You can print large format signs at 360 dpi, without decreasing print density and head speed. Optional mesh print ink tray enables printing on mesh banner without liner.

Alignment line is printed to support double-sided printing. You can easily align the reverse side and face side along the lines.

Pressure control knobs are located at the front and the rear of the printer for easy handling of large size media. Pressure is adjustable in three levels by turning the knob, assisting the loading of diverse media from thin cloth to thick flexible face.