Jeti 3150

Jeti 3150

The Jeti 3150 Flatbed (now available at True 600dpi) featuring 48 Spectra print heads provides high speed graphics in 6 color with 600dpi. The Jeti 3150 achieves speeds of 130 sqm/hr (1400 sqft/hr) at production billboard speeds. True flatbed table using linear motion to control movement ensures perfect registration on rigid and flexible materials. No more use of dated/old fashioned belts.

Easy loading and unloading of large and heavy material can be performed by 1 person due to the print area being very accessible. A strong sectional vacuum table holds virtually any rigid material in place up to 5 cm (2") in thickness. White ink and clear varnish option included; gives even more versatility. Now available in True 600 dpi resolution, giving the highest quality prints today, the Jeti 3150 Flatbed is the complete package of speed, quality and versatility.

48 spectra print heads gives high speed graphics in 6 color.

Easy loading and unloading of media make the print area very accessible especially to large and heavy media.

White and clear varnish give the Jeti 3150 unquestionable versatility.