Jeti 3150

Miller Weldmaster

is specially designed to seal banner edges giving it that finished look. It allows for many different combinations of seals for whatever you need your banner to do.

This machine uses a heated iron that folds and seals banner material together forming a nice seam.

It does it quickly so that banners can be completed quickly and efficiently.

It has a nice table to put through large banners and makes it so it can seal all four sides to each other.

Rubber rollers make it so that material can move through the welding iron at a rapid and controlled rate.

The machine looks like a giant sewing machine and allows for a kinds of different sealing methods, making loops and places for rods to be inserted, etc.

Just know that when you are having a banner or other material sealed and put together that we are going to use the best equipment to make sure that your sign or banner is the best that can be made.

Let us help you make something to last and something that will be remembered for a long time.