Jeti 3150

Polar Cutter

This large cutter is a sight to behold. You can put stacks of paper or any other cutable material and watch as this thing cuts through it like butter.

It makes getting your work done faster and the quality of the edge is a nice clean cut.

All professional printers have one of these to do all their major cutting.

The Polar Cutter has a lot of safety features built in to prevent accidents and preserve your safety.

As you can see from the picture above it has a large table to accomidate large items and also has a guard in the back to perfectly line up and square cut materials.

This cutter helps us get your work done quicker so that you can move forward with your projects.

We use this cutter with large projects that need multiple objects shipped to many different locations. It allows us to quickly cut and a then assemble items to be shipped.

So if you have a need for logistics we can help you get your job done and make you look good in doing it.